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Add Your Event

The Arts Amplified events calendar is powered by CitySpark. When you add an event to our calendar, it also is populated on other websites that use CitySpark, if it fits their filtering criteria. CitySpark offers paid promotions for your event, but you can easily submit your event as a free listing—it will still show up on the calendar!

Need to edit an existing event or already have a CitySpark account?

Ready to add your event?

Step 1: Gather Your Event Information

Before you submit your event, gather the following information:

  • Event title

  • Location (if in-person)

  • Date

  • Event category (you’ll choose from a list)

  • Ticket price (if applicable)

  • Primary image (ideal aspect ratio is 7:5, minimum width is 700 pixels, JPG and PNG accepted)


The primary image is optional—you may choose a stock photo, if you prefer.

Step 2: Add Your Event

  1. Click Add Event on the calendar.

  2. Sign in to CitySpark or create an account.

  3. You can create an account with an email and password, or choose to sign in with Google or Facebook.

  4. Enter your event details.

  5. Review your event before publishing it, then click Proceed to Promotion Options.

  6. Choose to list your event for free or purchase a paid listing with additional features, then click Submit Event.

  7. Now your event will appear on the calendar. You can log in to CitySpark at any time to edit your event or add more events:

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