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Have you ever sat around playing bingo and thought "This is fun and all but I wish there was some live music playing right now?" Or have you ever been at a bar or restaurant enjoying some live music and said to your friends "hey guys, this is fun and all but I wish I could play some bingo while I was enjoying this live music and tasty beverage?" If you've found yourself in this situation then Charleston Creativity Connections has a solution for you... LIVE MUSIC BINGO.

Live Music Bingo is a weekly series taking place at local bars and restaurants mashing up live music from local musicians with Bingo. The main difference is instead of letters and numbers being called for you to mark on your bingo card, at Live Music Bingo you will mark off spaces based on songs and random occurrences that take place during the musician's performance. The best way to see how it works is to come out and try it yourself. It's free to play and each night someone will win a gift certificate! Check out the calendar below to find a game.

Upcoming Live Music Bingo
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