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Ruth's Holiday Downtown Adventure!

 Join the Scavenger Hunt 


🐾  Ruth is a playful, clever, and giant dog who lives in Downtown Charleston. She has a secret phrase she wants to share with everyone this year but she lost the dog bones that she wrote the phrase on.


🦴 Ruth's secret phrase was locked away on hidden candy cane dog bones, each bearing a mysterious letter. These special bones were scattered throughout downtown, waiting for adventurers like you to find them.


🔍 Your task is simple: emBARK on a journey throughout downtown to locate these dog bones, collect the letters, and unscramble them to unveil Ruth's secret word.


 UnLEASH the Secret Word 


🎁When you've gathered all the letters and deciphered Ruth's secret word click the button below to submit your answer for a chance to win 1 of 3 - $100 downtown gift card packages..


🕒 But remember, time is of the essence! You have until 9pm one Sunday 11/26 to complete your quest.

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