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Painting Class

Our mission goes deeper than helping make cool stuff.

By better supporting both local artists and businesses, we aim to catalyze the next phase of growth in our community, reimagining and reinventing what the greatest version of our shared home could look like.

Empower Artists. Elevate Businesses.
Enrich Community.

Right now, a creative renaissance is taking place in Charleston—and it’s not by chance.  


West Virginia is full of creative folks, so it seems only natural that the state’s capital city would be home to lots of exceptional art. For the Mountain State to reach its full potential though, artists must have access to robust resources and support, as well as avenues to connect with others who believe equally in art’s value. 


That’s where Arts Amplified comes in. 


Our mission goes deeper than helping make cool stuff. When artists and businesses (and their audiences!) band together, the entire community benefits: public spaces—once overlooked—come back to life, local shops and restaurants experience a major boost, and diverse groups of people and ideas begin to inspire and build off of each other. 


Surely it’s no coincidence that the most vibrant cities and communities in our region are ones with thriving arts scenes. Charleston and the greater Kanawha Valley are poised to lead the way.


Whether you’re an artist looking for support in scaling up, or a business looking for an artist to help turn a creative dream into reality, we’ve got you covered. Boring brick wall? No ladder? No problem. We’ll set you up with the scaffolding needed (literally and metaphorically) to take your work to the next, game-changing level.

Our Impact

Creative Placemaking Mini-Grants

26 mini-grants awarded, paying 250+ artists in 6 fields (visual, music, performing, literary, culinary, and education) totaling $116,424.

Artists at Work

Arts Amplified brokered deals with local and national businesses that paid local artists over $133,000.

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Annie & Gaines Wehrle
Charitable Fund


The Herscher Foundation

Martha Gaines &
Russell Wehrle
Memorial Foundation


Our work is made possible by our supporters.

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  Featured Artist  

Tertian Harmony Meets Appalachia: Bad Keys Of The Mountain

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