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Thanks for joining us in our virtual booth. This initiative began in August of 2020 and has since awarded over $66,000, helping to fund 15 NEW art focused projects in Charleston WV. These 15 projects have helped bring income to over 100 Charleston area artists and represent a variety of genres of art including visual arts, music, performing arts, literary and culinary arts. 
Below you will find some information on a few of our mini-grant recipients.  

Please join us in our booth on 2/25 from 10am-12pm to meet with the following mini-grant recipients and Creativity Connector Bryan Cooper

The Common Thread is a new artist-focused web series created by John Inghram that will profile local artists and dive into their creative process. This show is an opportunity to explore what connects artists from different disciplines and will hopefully inspire others to create, chase their passions, and take the risk required to make something new. 

To learn more about The Common Thread and John Inghram visit..


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The Common Thread

Her Hope Haven is a series in development by Tijah Bumgarner that will allow the audience to see into the everyday of those who struggle with substance use disorder. It will be an opportunity for a new perspective on showing recovery that isn’t about the use of drugs as is often shown in the media. This series will take an approach to humanize the small stories that make up the larger trajectory of recovery.

To learn more about The Common Thread and Tijah Bumgarner visit..


The Appalachian Artists Collective, led by Leah Turley, is collaborating with multiple local professional theatre artists to adapt A.E. Gill's The Telltale Lilac Bush for the stage. This production will be performed on stages outdoors during the Fall of 2021 with the cast being comprised of children ages 12-17.

To learn more about The Appalachian Artists Collective and Leah Turley...

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Lilac Bush 

Quick Call Y’all is a Charleston based Facebook Live talk show and podcast hosted by Austin Susman that showcases artists, small businesses and musicians in the Kanawha Valley and around the world. Quick Call Y’all is designed to give artists and musicians a safe socially distant way to connect with audiences. As we start to see live venues open up as vaccines roll out in 2021 the show’s purpose is poised to shift to a platform for artists and musicians to promote live events. If you're interested in coming on the show to as a musical guest or to be interviewed about your art or creative project email

To learn more about Quick Call Y’all and Austin Susman...

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Quick Call Y'all

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