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Amplify your vision.

Whether you’re an artist looking for support in scaling up, or a business looking for an artist to help turn a creative dream into reality, we’ve got you covered.


Arts Amplified connects artists, business, and community to build a stronger creative economy.

We believe that the arts are an essential part of a thriving community.

Whether it's through a local play, a street art festival, or an eye-catching mural, the arts have the power to unite people from diverse backgrounds and create a place that feels like home.

For artists to succeed, they need paid opportunities.

When we invest in the arts and understand the essential role that the arts play in our lives, we can build a more vibrant and sustainable Charleston. A Charleston where the arts and business worlds work together to drive social and economic growth and where artists can thrive as professionals and creative beings.

We want to connect the community to the arts and artists to businesses.

Teaming up creative folks with the business folks fosters a bustling and inclusive community that encourages collaboration and supports emerging artists. We hope to make the Kanawha Valley a place where the arts are accessible to everyone, where artists are recognized as vital contributors to society, and where creativity thrives.

Connect with Local Artists


Visual Artists

Paintings, Prints, Murals,
Sculptures, Photography, and More



Rock, Jazz, Country, Rap, Instrumental, Voice, and More


Performing Artists

Theater, Dance, Film, Street Performers, and More



Authors, Poets, Editors, Storytellers, and More


Culinary Artists

Chefs, Bakers, Mixologists,
and More

Upcoming Events

City Center Live

Bring a lawn chair, or take advantage of the breezy swinging benches that border City Center at Slack Plaza's lush green space and enjoy local music, food trucks, and family friendly events throughout the summer months.

Become an Arts Amplified Artist

Join our network of artists and connect with opportunities by creating a profile today. 

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  Featured Artist  

Kelly Bryant: Art Steeped with WV Folklore

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